Provide protection and enhance performance with Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemicals

When it comes to the fluids and other chemicals you put in a car, there's only one way to be sure you're meeting the same high standards of original Subaru equipment: insist on Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemicals.  Subaru now offers a full line of quality tested products, all approved by Subaru for use in Subaru vehicles. From coolant and automatic transmission fluid to brake cleaner and fuel injection cleaner, these premium products are engineered to assure maximum performance and trouble-free driving.  And, because they're competitively priced, they offer premium performance and peace of mind without higher cost. Our Subaru Dealership offers the full line of Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemicals.

*Products marked with an asterisk are required for all warranty repairs.

Protect your investment with Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemicals.