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Subaru Means Sustainability, Style and Safety


There’s a lot to love about Subaru.

Superior safety ratings and care for local communities are just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the aspects Subaru is most proud of is concern for the environment.

Let’s take a look at Subaru sustainability.

Vehicle production

Manufacturing vehicles takes a massive amount of energy and resources.

Subaru believes that it’s car makers’ responsibility to reduce the impact of the vehicles they’re producing as much as possible.  


The Earth-conscious engineers at Subaru have found a way to recycle everything they can, including:

  • Bumpers.

  • Steel.

  • Shredder dust.

  • Airbags…

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2020 Subaru Legacy: Your New Favorite Car

The 2020 Subaru Legacy is the 7th generation of this all-wheel-drive sedan.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.

This latest offering is the best of both worlds: More power with a price tag that’s pretty darn close to last year’s version.

Let’s take a closer look at what the latest Subaru Legacy brings to the table.


The base model starts out at $23,645 and tops out at $36,795. 

That’s an increase of only $200 over the 2019 model.


You can get your new Subaru Legacy with an entry-level 182-hp 2.5-liter engine…

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Meet Your New Best Friend: The 2020 Subaru Outback


Your old favorite has some new features.

The all-new 2020 Subaru Outback is ready to hit the scene with upgrades that you’re going to love.

Let’s take a look at what’s new. (Hint: Very little is “left-over” from previous models. It’s almost ALL fresh, from the ground up!)

2020 Outback highlight reel

Here are some hot takes about the latest Outback.

  • The infotainment system is a formidable 11.6”, tablet-style screen.

  • Equipped with the “Global Platform” that is a feature of almost all of today’s Subaru vehicles.

  • A “vegan-leather” option. The Onyx Edition has a…

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Subaru BRZ: Big on Power and Performance


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

At least, that’s the going theory for the 2019 Subaru BRZ.

Other than a bit of a price upgrade and a new limited edition model, Subaru isn’t messing with success.

Before we hop in the time machine to 2017, let’s talk about this new limited edition BRZ.

2019 Subaru BRZ special edition

Here’s what you can expect.

  • 7-inch multimedia navigation system

  • LED fog lights

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control

  • Alcantara seat inserts and leather bolsters

  • Dual-mode heated front seats with the BRZ logo embroidered on them

Before you…

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Why the Subaru Outback is Hottest-Selling Car in the U.S. (Updated)

Why the Subaru Outback is Hottest-Selling Car in the U.S. (Updated)

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 5/6/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.


In 2016, that year’s Outback moved off dealer lots quicker than any other car in the U.S.

How long did it hang around?

The Subaru brand is still hot in 2018 – and looking ahead to 2019 – so it’s no surprise that the 2016 Outback wagon was the hottest-selling car in America.

It stayed on dealer lots less time than any other vehicle. 24/7 Wall…

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Buying a Used Car? Why Mileage Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story


A new car vs. a used one.

It’s an age-old question for car shoppers everywhere.

Many people make the choice to go used because it seems to give them more bang for their buck.

If you’re among this group, your biggest question may be about miles.

How many are too many for a used car?

Let’s take a look.

Used car mileage guidelines

Given the choice between a vehicle with 50,000 miles and one with 200,000 miles, you wouldn’t be alone in assuming that the car with lower miles would be the obvious choice…

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Coming Soon to Serra Subaru: The All-New, Redesigned 2019 Forester


The 2019 Forester has been completely redesigned – inside and out.

Rest assured, there’s a lot to love in this new Subaru.

From cargo room to an advanced safety technology system that’s like no other, let’s break down the most exciting features of the 2019 Forester.

Subaru DriverFocus

Subaru is rolling out an all-new state-of-the-art system that’s unique in the vehicle world.

One of the most prolific causes of accidents today is distracted drivers.

This new system is so effective that it’s almost like having an attentive co-pilot with you at all times.

It gives an…

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A 5-Step Plan to a Superb Car-Buying Experience


Buying a new car is a big deal.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

All you need is a little help and some planning.

Here are the steps you need to follow to save money on your new vehicle –and reduce the stress and speed up the process.

1. Do your homework

Research different kinds of vehicles and the features they each have to offer.

Dealer websites will give you a ton of information and some will even allow you to “build” a car with all the bells and whistles you care to add.

You can also find…

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Ready for a New Subaru? You’ve Got Plenty of Award-Winning Options


Subaru is one of America’s most-beloved – and decorated – brands.

With the high resale value and stellar safety ratings, it’s no wonder.

Whether you’re already an enthusiast or you’re just beginning to discover Subaru-greatness, this overview of available models can help you decide which vehicle is right for you.


Available models:

  • 2.0i Sedan

  • 2.0i 5-Door

  • 2.0i Premium Sedan

  • 2.0i Premium 5-Door

  • 2.0i Sport Sedan

  • 2.0i…

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2018 Subaru Outback: Proudly Made in the USA (Updated)


You probably know that Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer.

But did you know that almost all Subaru models are also manufactured in the good old U.S. of A.?

The Impreza, Impreza WRX, Legacy, Outback, Forester, and Tribeca are all made right here.

It’s good for you, the consumer, because being made in America saves in shipping costs and the supply is plentiful, meaning you get the best deal!

Let’s take a…

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