Coming Soon to Serra Subaru: The All-New, Redesigned 2019 Forester


The 2019 Forester has been completely redesigned – inside and out.

Rest assured, there’s a lot to love in this new Subaru.

From cargo room to an advanced safety technology system that’s like no other, let’s break down the most exciting features of the 2019 Forester.

Subaru DriverFocus

Subaru is rolling out an all-new state-of-the-art system that’s unique in the vehicle world.

One of the most prolific causes of accidents today is distracted drivers.

This new system is so effective that it’s almost like having an attentive co-pilot with you at all times.

It gives an alert if you become drowsy or distracted. It can recognize up to five different drivers, remembering their preferences like seat position, climate control, and the position of outside mirrors.

Subaru STARLINK multimedia

This is your connection to music, navigation, podcasts, and more.

You get wireless pairing and hands-free smartphone operation with access to your favorite apps.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard.

The voice navigation system makes finding your way safer than ever.

Enhanced X-Mode

The 2019 Forester now comes equipped with a dual-function X-Mode that works with the symmetrical all-wheel drive to give you maximum traction on slippery surfaces.

It has specific settings for snow, dirt, and even mud.

Sport Model

This all-new model has bolder design elements and some cabin upgrades, too.

It’s specially designed with roof rack tie-down points and Sport-specific turning.

You can also choose raised roof rails that make it easy for you to go on kayaking, biking, or skiing adventures.

Upgraded interior

Take a look at what’s going on inside the 2019 Forester.

  • Standard automatic climate control.

  • Second-row heated seats and AC.

  • USB ports in front and back.

Same Subaru quality

One thing that hasn’t changed with the newest Forester is the quality you’ve come to expect from the Subaru name.

The 2018 Forester retains its value better than any other vehicle in its class, for example.

Remember, when you’re buying a Subaru, you’re not only getting one of the safest vehicles on the road, you’re also getting a vehicle with parts made right here in Ohio.

Come to Serra Subaru and take a new 2019 Forester for a spin.

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