Time for a New Set of Wheels? 3 Tips for Saving Money

Buying a car is a major expense.

It’s probably one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

There are ways to purchase a vehicle without breaking the bank, however.

Here’s how.

1. Do your research
There are many websites and even apps that keep data about cars sold in your area and the prices they were sold for.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate in order to get the best deal.

You can do this via email with the sales managers, saving you from physically going to multiple dealerships.

Once you feel like you have a price that’s in your range, it’s time for a test drive.

2. Only get the bells and whistles you can afford
Save money on features.

Decide what vehicle extras are must-haves and which ones you can live without.

Don’t get carried away and walk away with more pizazz than you need and a monthly payment that’s out of your range.

3. Think about buying certified pre-owned
While you may have set your sights on a brand new car, you can save thousands of dollars by buying certified pre-owned.

Once you’ve landed on a make and model you like, find out when the current model came out.

Often, manufacturers will only make minor tweaks from one year to the next.

You don’t have to settle

You should never feel like you have to get a car you don’t really love.

Following these money saving tips can help.

So can working with the right dealership. It’ll ensure you get a vehicle you’re excited about at a price that fits your budget.

See the folks at Serra Subaru for help!

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